3 thoughts on “Schweikert / Fleming Wedding, Aug. 18 2019

    • rather than fill the post with babble and such, I decided that (hopefully) my blog/site will last a while (¿outlast me?) so, like yourself, memories (& such) are more-or-less recorded for what we can only hope is (more than a semblance of) perpetuity. briefly: the picture of the 5 goofy guys — we were classmates (1967, your year also?) from Evergreen H.S. still in touch. I was best man (!?) at the groom’s first wedding — 1970? (could be ’71, ah me(s)moree) and Sally left this realm TEN YEARS AGO, so John waited ’til he (& she) felt this was right. each sold their house in the Denver/Boulder area and bought another one together. sigh …


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