Christmas/Hanukkah in Portland (OR), 2019

This just-past Christmas (& Hanukkah) we spent a few daze in and around Portland, OR.  Our daughter and husband had “something” planned each day, and shortly after arriving we watched the grandsons display their climbing adeptness ~

Amazingly, no-one, not even the grand-kid’s dad, were hurt.  And at least the kids were not watching the tube nor having their brains monitored by hand-held electronic devices.

Above, what most of us experience during the holiday — actually, the carnage (of package/present ripping) is not real bad, but at least the dog is tired.

Okay, I’ve whittled the several dozens of Mt. Hood pixures to just a few.  Day after Christmas they had planned to go sledding — up towards timberline on Mt. Hood.  We’re to the SW of Oregon’s high point, above Government Camp.

The following day we drove to Hood River, base camp for the “Train to Christmas Town.”  Of course this was appropriately holiday-themed.  Below we settle in to our tables, before the train completely filled up.

  The train rumbled up out of river-side Hood River, climbing through the forest to a meadow above the town.  Typical western Oregon weather, fog, intermittent rain.

 Below, Rachel & Ben pose with …. ¿Bumblebee? the Polar Bear.  And one of Santa’s elves.  Apparently there is a story of the Train, and Christmas-Town, etc., and the Polar Bear is an integral part of it.

Betty and Rosco with the Big Man Himself.  Jubilacious holiday season(s), everyone !

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