Continua Nada Moocho Gwan










Shouldn’t pixures sumtimes “say it all”?  In summary, the above were all taken “recently” — within the past month and this week is the start of ThanksTaking Week, 2019.  Lazy cat (above) — she’s burrowed under all the blankets and looks more rested than I ever have been.  Moonrise early November.  Sunrise the following day.  Yesterdaze sojourn to 9-Mile-Hill, with the smaller telecom tower, foreground, with the recently wintered-in Grand Mesa, background.  (The ubiquitous RockSea, nearer, black dot of Jake down the road).  Jaja and RockSea, nearer, having found a watering hole, with the 9-Mile-Hill Microwave Tower on the horizon.  I verti-goed a bit when I looked over the rock to the right, directly down, many 100’s of feet upon Highway 141.  One of those mysterious inukshuk structures, also with the µ-wave struxure marginally visible upper right.  Betty and Kwee-Knee binge-watching teevee.  An interesting pretty little snake that Annie had caught (but we rescued right away).  Ghouls/ghosts/hoo-nose cavorting Hallowe’en-time.  And the formidable hunter Annie, burrowed into the guest-bed, which has become “her room.”

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