The Mid-Summer (2013) Percheron/Belgian Baby Horses of Middle Colorawdough


Recently (well, earlier THIS WEEK) I had been working on a P&A (plug-&-abandon of a gas well) job. Each day, driving to and from the work-site, I’d pass what I thought were two white Clydesdale horses — and one dark offspring.


Then there were two. This sleepy little guy is THREE DAYS OLD.


Driving from the job site, I passed the ranch owner out irrigating a field. He corrected me on the Clydesdale misconception, and explained why the foals were dark. He had bred his two Percheron mares with a Belgian stud. I don’t know if the mares visited dad, or dad visited the mares, or perhaps things were facilitated by an icy package through the mail.


I presume the young ones are cousins. The one-month-old filly watches her young male cousin.



The owner said that after two days and a visit from the vet, the young one could be allowed out into the larger field. The two mothers and foals have a larger pasture to roam and graze in now.


I especially liked the older (a little over one month) little horse. She is quite alert, curious, continually testing her wings (so to speak).



The ranch has some impressive backdrops. We are looking at the southeasterly corner of the Roan Plateau. (But you know what? The horses could be in the middull of Texas, or Kansas, or eastern Colorawdough, and regard and experience life just the same… Maybe not!)






View to the north-northwest, the “JQS” part of the Roan Plateau. We see a horse in an adjoining pasture wanting a closer look, or sniff, contact probably, with the new arrivals. Not shown are the occasional posturings of the mothers, ears flattened, teeth bared, chasing those who got too close away from the fence. Yeah, I’m gonna go back and check on that wellsite a time or three, yet.

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