betty wanted to go see the wild horses

Just a few daze ago, Betty heard an essay on NPR/CPR (I affexionately label CLR –> “commie liberal radio”) about the dilemma of TOO MANY WILD HORSES ON PUBLIC LANDS.  It had been years since we’ve visited the nearest accessible portion … Continue reading


So, on Monday August 21 (2017) like millions ‘n possibly zillions of good Amerikins, we travelled to view THE ECLIPSE from “the line of totality.”  Shown above is possibly the most distinctive abode in Baggs, Wyoming.  Yes, whoever it is … Continue reading

Neither COMING nor GOING

— ’cause we’re THERE ! For those of my (semi/ir)regular readers, who’ve scanned thru’ the previous two posts — having to do with “back-roads” driving TO & FROM Portland, Oregon — I’ll focus on the in-between.  Not going, nor coming. … Continue reading

Down, John Day River

On our weigh to Orygun last month, Betty and I forsook the road-most-traveled, opting for the more-adventurous mild travail of a road lesser (but probably not least) frequented.  Well, the “for-saking” didn’t happen ’til the Oregon/Idaho border, when we departed … Continue reading

The Loneliest Highway in Amerika

Betty had been talking for some time about driving out to visit “the kids”, (and grand-kids) some 1200 miles away.  We had flown out to visit them probably more than a dozen times.  But she wanted a different sort of … Continue reading



We will, if not exactly ‘deal’, address (m-o-l) a few items, such as:


The seemingly/seamingly never-ending spiral of doom

& in spite of the above, where (includes what we might “wear”, besigheds frowns) do we go from here?








If need be, we’ll talk about it next post.  I think the photos “say it all” — whatever IT is ~