Neither COMING nor GOING

— ’cause we’re THERE ! For those of my (semi/ir)regular readers, who’ve scanned thru’ the previous two posts — having to do with “back-roads” driving TO & FROM Portland, Oregon — I’ll focus on the in-between.  Not going, nor coming. … Continue reading

Down, John Day River

On our weigh to Orygun last month, Betty and I forsook the road-most-traveled, opting for the more-adventurous mild travail of a road lesser (but probably not least) frequented.  Well, the “for-saking” didn’t happen ’til the Oregon/Idaho border, when we departed … Continue reading

The Loneliest Highway in Amerika

Betty had been talking for some time about driving out to visit “the kids”, (and grand-kids) some 1200 miles away.  We had flown out to visit them probably more than a dozen times.  But she wanted a different sort of … Continue reading



We will, if not exactly ‘deal’, address (m-o-l) a few items, such as:


The seemingly/seamingly never-ending spiral of doom

& in spite of the above, where (includes what we might “wear”, besigheds frowns) do we go from here?








If need be, we’ll talk about it next post.  I think the photos “say it all” — whatever IT is ~

Thirty minutes beyond Slobbification

Azz izz beeK!umming YoozYooUhl, bennawhile since the pree(dee)vee-ous post, here.  “Nothin’ much going on in Grand Junction” — so the daily nooze-paper headline should read.  “Related stories through-out.”  However, un-deterred (de-turd?) … I went on a (okay: cannabis-aided) hike yesterday, … Continue reading


(IT) COULD HAVE BEEN THE BAT PHONE Betty and I more-or-less collapsed into the hot tub a coupla/3 daze ago.  The Day After It Snowed.  We had partaken of what a long-lost friend labeled as the essential elements of the … Continue reading


Life is, basically, fun.  Basically.  There’s sad, and sometimes a bit o’ mad (both varieties, unless there’s more ‘n two?) and occasional drudgery, tho’ less now than before due to the change in work/employment status. A late autumnal/early winter? reign-bowing, … Continue reading

before the storm before the calm before the storm before

More, from CHUANG TSU / Inner Chapters (trans. By Feng & English)   Confucius said:  Men cannot see their reflection in running water but only in still water.  Only that which is still in itself can still the seekers of … Continue reading

There is only so much

Energy one has in a day?  Sometimes I use up > 100% of what I’m allocated.  So that’s why phat eeg setssin. ¿There is only so much?  Sometimes there ain’t e-nuff.  Not infrequently we may have too much of whatever:  … Continue reading


Betty & I (& dawgz.  ‘n  bikes) drove up Land’s End Road middull of last week.  Our somewhat over-due autumnal fall-colours “Color Sunday” sojourn.  Colorful, none-the-less. All photos by Betty!  None are “enhanced”! Amazing thing is, to get to the … Continue reading